A készlethiányos termékeket is le tudjuk gyártani 2-3 hetes munkaidővel. Rendelést a petiteleaforder@gmail.com-on lehet leadni.

About Us

In January 2020 we visualised, we started and we didn’t think life will challenge us with such obstacles. But every redesign, every uncertain moment was worth it. For what we are now holding in our hands, and for what hopefully you, who is reading these words, will also love and hold in your hands shortly.
We wanted perfection, and we didn’t want to compromise, because babies and moms deserve the best. We spent hours, crouched over the Pantone colour scale to find the 7 PERFECT colours. We thought we don’t need nor less, neither more than that. We have chosen these colours so that any of them can be combined with any of them and still look perfect together. We found the perfectly matching thread, button, etc, after a long research, but we wanted every little detail to be impeccable.

Every single product is a result of careful hands and lot of attention. From the designers, through tailors and dressmakers, everybody puts their whole heart and love into the products. In those products that will be part of everyday life of our most precious things.
Every little baby deserves a room that makes him/her feel secure, because this room will be the first shelter where they can escape to play, read, or just to spend time on their own. Clean colors spread calmness, a balanced room is essential to a balanced kid.

We are extremely grateful to those who care about the future of the brand as much as we do. To our family, who were always happy to give us a hand during the entire process, who are as excited and as happy as we are. To our husbands, who, if needed cut the wooden part of the baby nest, if needed, transported the materials by a mini van. To our mothers, who stored, and packed the first products and did the unenjoyable paperwork for the company. And last but not least to our kids, who tested all our products as soon as we took them home, and with sparkling, but a bit confused eyes, wondered if these were really made by their moms.
We hope your kids will also look at our products with the same, sparkling eyes, and you will look at them with those eyes, while they are sleeping in them 😊.

With love, The Petite Leaf Team