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Petite Leaf Gift Card

Petite Leaf Gift Card

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If you’re about to give a super gift for either a birthday, a baby gender party, or any other wonderful reason, but you can’t decide which Petite Leaf product to have, or you may be lost in our beautiful colors and can’t choose (we understand that), in this case this card can be a super surprise. How to use it: 1. Choose the amount of your surprise
2. Put the gift card into the basket.
3. After payment, we will send you a unique code and gift card graphics, which you can send to the person in a message or even print out.
4. Redeeming a gift card is very simple: all you have to do is put the selected product in the cart and then enter the unique code of the card when making a payment.

If you have any questions, write to us and we will help: info@petite_leaf.co

1. The Gift Card cannot be redeemed
2. The Gift Card cannot be exchanged for cash
3. The Gift Card has no activation or usage fee, and its value does not change until its expiration.